J.D Windstrom

The Hand of the Scarlet Lord


Tall, blonde haired man with heavy tan and bleached hair. He has a rough and ready appearance common in “pulp” adventure series. A pale scar mars his back, in the vague resemblance to claw marks of a large feline


The Hand of Maahes

His father is deceased, his mother rules her estate as a private hold of power which she pulls the strings. An only child neither parent seemed to have time for him.

Early in his life J. D was sent to numerous boarding schools, until at least his friend and he got into serious trouble. His friend was thrown out, but J.D due to his ongoing wealth and privilege remained in school. He remained unhappy with the outcome for years.

Unknown to him his friend “Eliot” is actually Mary Eliot Thompsan, who now goes by Ellie. She attended school under her middle name to get an education.

Great War: Red Cross “War Vet” carried people from front wounded trenches in Europe to
get medical aid behind the battle lines.

His mentor was Dr. Henry Walden, Dr Walden was wounded when the lines shifted and forced J.D to leave without him, another friend lost has left J.D very loyal and very adamant about not leaving his friends behind.

Novel: The Hand of the Scarlet Lord

Black Cover Blurb: The Thrilling Tale of a dying man, reborn to serve an ancient cause! The cause of justice!

Exploring Egypt as a dilettante interested in their ancient myths and stories, J.D became separated from his guides due to his selfishness. He wandered the desert for days until he passed out from thirst, and saw visions—visions of the Egyptian god, Maahes. When he awoke he discovered himself in a quiet but well maintained temple, and discovered a purpose. As he left he was followed and assaulted by dark priests of the god Apophis, seeking to derail Maahes newly chosen champion.

Aspect: Never Leave a Friend Behind
Aspect: Loyalty that binds
Aspect: Heavy though Beautiful the Crown
Aspect: The Son of the Serpent, Aswad, Priest of Apophis
Aspect: Servitor of the Lord of Slaughter
Aspect: Lord of the Knife
Aspect: Friends his High Places.

Friend: Mary Eliot Thompson (Ellie)

Athletics Superb
Resources, Fighting Great
Investigation, Might, Mysteries Good
Resolve, Stealth, Intimidation, Leadership Fair

Marathon Training
Fast as a Leapard
Safe Fall

J.D Windstrom

SOTC : Mysteries of the Ancients Silverlion